Friday, June 11, 2010

Get Your Beach Bound Look At Bakery Square

For me a week at the beach means taking it easy with my toes in the sand, a Corona in hand and all while trying to forget I ever watched Jaws and Shark Week.

For you it may be similar, but just because you’re hunkering down for a week of relaxation, doesn’t mean you have to give up your chic style.

Checking out retailers like Anthropologie (which BTW opens a new store at Pittsburgh’s Bakery Square on June 25) will help you find your perfect beach bound look.

Here are are my 4 favorite put-togethers:

1. Well Shaded
If you have fair skin like me, and get burnt by looking at a picture of the sun, rock this outfit.

Put together:

  • Summer Nostaligic Top
  • Summer Nostalgic Bottom
  • Shadowsleeve Cardigan
  • Whirling Plaid Sunhat

The Shadowsleeve Cardigan will be a perfect light cover-up, and the Whirling Plaid Sunhat will keep your face protected.

2. Shell Seeking
Collecting shells has been one of my favorite beach pastimes since I was a young. If you find yourself to also be a shell seeking individual, go for this look.

Put together:

  • Haight Ashbury Cover-Up
  • Midnight Petals Maillot
  • Ylang Ylang Sandals
  • Thatched Bungalow Tote

I know it’s hard to cover-up the Midnight Petals Maillot, because it’s so cute with braided vines and a plunging neckline; however if you had to do it, the Haight Ashbury Cover-Up is a great choice.

Plus, the Thatched Bungalow Tote is the perfect size for storing all of your shells and, er, adult beverages.

3. Perched
This outfit is either perfect for wearing down to the beach, or grabbing a sandwich on the boardwalk for lunch.

Put together:

  • Sea Geometry Cover-Up
  • Chain-Of-Events Top
  • Chain-Of-Events Bottoms
  • Lissome Glasses
  • Madrona Sandals
  • Curved Palms Satchel

The Sea Geometry Cover-Up will make you look boho-chic, and the accessories will add spice, bringing the look together.

4. Setting Sun
Spending your day at the beach is only 1/2 of the fun. Work this look as the sunsets over the horizon, not on your style.

Put together:

  • Grand Pixels Chemise
  • Golden Days Top
  • Golden Days Bottom
  • Lush & Wild Tote

The Grand Pixel Chemise is made with silk and cotton, so it’s light enough for the sun, and semi-thick enough for evening. Plus the Lush & Wild Tote is the perfect size for all your magazines and/or trashy romance novels.

So there you have it, you can keep up a fashonista status, while catching a few rays.

*The author would like to add that you can also wear all discussed beach bound outfit choices while you watch Shark Week and Jaws... Just remember, “don’t go in the water.”


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