Thursday, November 3, 2011

Green Building Features of Bakery Square Nabisco Building

Bakery Square is proud to be green!

Certification Information
LEED Certification
Certification Status: Certified
Rating System: LEED for Core & Shell (LEED-CS)
Certification Level: Certified
Certification Year: 2010

Project Overview
The building is a new multi-use lifestyle center created on a previously developed brownfield site. It includes office and retail space, as well as a seven-story suite hotel with majority underground parking.

Key Green Features

Adaptive Reuse, Brownfield Redevelopment, Certified Wood, Green Power Purchased, Historic Preservation, Local Materials, Native Landscaping, Photovoltaic Array, Salvaged Materials

Sustainable Sites
Brownfield redevelopment was achieved through remediation of asbestos in existing building. Multiple bus transit line are available within 1/4 mile of the site. Bicycle racks and shower/changing rooms for buildings occupants have been included. Preferred parking for low-emitting/ fuel efficient vehicles are present. Combined vegetated open space and pedestrian oriented hardscape accounts for over 23% of the entire site. A green roof is planned for the 4 story roof, combined with high SRI roofing elsewhere will reduce the heat island effect.

Water Efficiency
Low flow fixtures will be installed in base building res rooms. Currently, the building is estimating greater than 30% potable water use reduction. A drip irrigation system and drought resistant plants have been selected to achieve a 50% potable water use reduction for irrigation needs.

Energy & Atmosphere
A grant from Pennsylvania’s Energy Harvest is funding a 75kW solar array on the 7-story roof. The building has a central water source heat pump system for heating and cooling the building. There are plans to purchase Green Power to account for at least 70% of core and shell electricity consumption over a period of two years.

Material & Resources
Maintaining at least 50% of existing walls, floors, and roof. They are targeting 75% construction waste diversion. More than 10% of contect will be recycled as well as regional materials. More than 50% of lumber will be certified wood. Masonry from demolition is being salvaged, used, and reused as on-site fill.

Indoor Environmental Quality
The building will implement Construction IAQ Management Plan. Low-emitting adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, and carpet as well as urea-formaldehyde free composite wood products. Plans to design for thermal comfort per ASHRAE 55. Designed for maximum daylight and views.

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